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Our 9TH show was held on Saturday February 15th 2003 at Worden High School, Westfield Drive, Leyland near Preston.  

Entries this year were only slightly down - 67 cats in competition as opposed to 71 last year, plus 10 on exhibition as against last year's 11. Not bad at all considering the continuing trend of reducing entries throughout cat shows generally. Sadly 3 "competition" cats and 2 "exhibition" cats were unable to attend on the day due to owners' illness, unexpected work commitments etc, but the remaining 72 cats all sailed through vetting in - a fact strongly and admiringly commented on by Duty Vet, Sue Moreland.  With Classes ranging from 1 to 17 entrants the competition was fierce, nowhere more so than in the Casper Challenge "knock out" competition into which every cat was entered free of charge. The honours there went to a single household with 2 of the 3 cats entered by Sandra McHugo of Mostyn, North Wales, making it to the final where gorgeous 18 week old tortie & white kitten, Minnie Mouse, triumphed over her older companion, 3 year old black & white Charlie Chuckles. Charlie, however,  had his own moment of glory later, being crowned not only Best Adult but also Overall best in Show. What a day for Sandra and her cats!

 The show was, it would appear from the number of comments, phone calls and emails received, a success so far as exhibitors and judges were concerned - and, let's face it,  these two groups are the most important part of any show! In addition, the overall profit was in the region of 1,000, so our associated charity, the SRPCC Cat Welfare Trust,  has also benefited. The day was not, however, without its problems - but then what cat show is? The main thing is that the problems were neither so large nor so noticeable to affect the proceedings at all.

The day started well enough except for the slight panic when the mobile catering unit did not arrive at the expected time of 8.00am! Sighs of relief from the show management however when, at 8.15, it trundled into the car park! Vetting in went smoothly and by 10am all cats except one were penned and ready to go. Everyone was so keen to get judging under way that without exception the exhibitors gave their cats a final cuddle and left the hall by 10.10 without the show management even having to ask them to! The judges, too, gathered at the allotted time without needing to be called - maybe we have all been doing this for too long!

Judging proceeded in a calm and relaxed manner until, at 10.25 the missing cat - and exhibitor - arrived after a stressful and delayed journey. The cat was vetted in and penned by Duty Vet, Sue Moreland, and was ready to take his place in the competition, sadly too late for his Open Class which had already been judged. He did, however, go on to gain very creditable results comprising 2 firsts, and one each of 2nd, 3rd and 4th awards in side classes. Every cat won at least one rosette, with many disappearing later under a ribbon of colour. In no time, it seemed, judging was completed and the judges went off to lunch before returning for Best in Show judging. Just before this, everyone was invited to share a piece of birthday cake and a glass of Bucks Fizz in honour of Chairman, Pat Creaton, whose birthday it was on the day of the show.

Best in Show judging was done across the table on stage with 2 nominations being given fore each of the Groups - Adult, Junior & Kitten. The nominations were:-  Adult - McHugo's Charlie Chuckles and Nagel & Doherty's Tilly;  Junior - Walker's Kanga and Jackson's Lucinda; Kitten - Mays' Mars and Burrows' Harry. The winners were:-

Best Adult -  McHugo's CHARLIE CHUCKLES - a black & white 3 year old shorthair male.

Best Junior - Jackson's LUCINDA - a 10.5 month old tortie tabby & white shorthair female.

Best Kitten - Burrows' HARRY - a 5 month old ginger & white shorthair male

Casper Challenge Winner - McHugos' MINNIE MOUSE - an 18 week old tortie & white shorthair female. 

NNPS Heat Winner - Jackson's OLIVER - a 8.5 month old ginger & white semi-lomnghair male.

The judges on the BIS panel - Mike Parrish, Gaynor Dolan and Jennifer Fleming,  then awarded Overall Best in Show, by a 2 to 1 majority, to CHARLIE CHUCKLES - a real character cat with ears at all angles and a purr to die for! Charlie has really been "through the mill". A rescue cat from North Wales, he has not long recovered from major surgery to correct a hernia and every one agreed that he was an excellent choice and was well deserving of his win.  Many congratulations to adoring owner, Sandra McHugo, from Mostyn,  North Wales.  

Pictures from the show and full results can be seen by clicking the links below.