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Northern Non-Pedigree Stakes 2002-2003

Sponsored by:- Techni-cal, Smylee Pets, Millfield Rosettes, Our Cats, Bio-Catolet/Midas Products, Kalven, Alan Robinson, Cat World, Country Artists, North West Cat Club.

An exciting new competition for Non-Pedigree cats, devised and administered by South Ribble Pet Cat Club.

As many regular non-pedigree (Household Pet) exhibitors will know, Whiskas have, for many years sponsored a set of Classes at GCCF cat shows known as the Whiskas Stakes. These Classes produced one overall winner per show, who then went on to compete in the Finals at the Supreme Cat Show in Birmingham each year. Prizes at shows took the form of vouchers for Whiskas food with the 5 Supreme Class winners also receiving additional prizes. Whiskas have now pulled of all sponsorship and the very last Whiskas Stakes heat will be held in September 2002, with the last Final being in November 2002.

South Ribble Pet Cat Club is conscious of the gap this will leave for the non-pedigree exhibitor at most shows and so is pleased to announce the launch of the brand new, regional replacement for the North.




This is a regional competition. It might not have the prestige of a final at the Supreme but it has the advantage of being local, the Final will be easily accessible at the North West Cat Club Show in Altrincham, there will be less cats competing in the final than at the Supreme (more chance for everyone) and there are some super prizes up for grabs.

Heats of the Northern Non-Pedigree Stakes (NNPS) 2002/2003 were held at shows in the north of England from October 2002 to July 2003, with the Finals being held at the North West Cat Club Show on 27th September 2003. The last qualifying heat for the 2003 Final was held at the Gwynedd Cat Club Show on 19th July 2003.

Entry for the 2003/4 competition was open to all non-pedigree male or female cats and kittens with unknown/unregistered parents only. Registered pedigree cats and kittens or cats and kittens with one known registered parents were not eligible, nor were rescued cats and kittens of obviously pedigree type. There are 4 Classes, the winners of which compete against each other to be the Overall Winner. Once a cat or kitten has become an Overall Winner at a show it may not compete again in that qualifying year. Failure to comply with these rules will result in disqualification.

The Classes are:-

Class 1 Black, white or black & white cat or kitten.

Class 2 Any tabby or tabby & white cat or kitten (except ginger).

Class 3 Any ginger, ginger & white, tortie or tortie & white cat or kitten.

Class 4 Any other colour cat or kitten.


PRIZES (For updates watch this space!)


All entrants — free sample of Techni-cal & James Wellbeloved

2nd & 3rd in each Class — rosette (Millfield) & goody bag (Smylee Pets)

Class winners (except Overall) — rosette (Millfield), 1kg Techni-cal, Bio-Catolet cat litter 

Overall Winner—Special rosette (Millfield), 3kg Techni-cal, Bio-Catolet cat litter, free entry to Final


All entrants — free sample of Techni-cal & James Wellbeloved  & special small momento

2nd & 3rd in each Class — rosette (North West Cat Club) & goody bag (Smylee Pets)

Class winners (except Overall) — rosette (North West Cat Club), Techni-cal, Bio-Catolet cat litter, carrier or other prize (Pets At Home), Country Artists cat figurine

Overall Winner—Special rosette (Millfield), Techni-cal, Bio-Catolet cat litter, large Country Artists cat figurine, cat scratch & bed centre (Kalven), cat bed or other prize (Pets At Home), 6 months subscription to Our Cats, 12 month subscription to Cat World, free photo sitting incl. enlargement from Alan Robinson, trophy.


The following shows will be holding heats of the 2002-2003 NNPS


            Cameo, Pewter & Smoke                           11th January 2003

            Colourpoint                                                  11th January 2003

            SRPCC                                                         15th February 2003

            Lancashire                                                   8th March 2003

            Preston & Blackpool                                   22nd March 2003

            Northern Birman                                          5th April 2003

            Black, Red Self, Tortie etc  (”3” Club)      12th April 2003

            Northern Siamese                                      12th April 2003

            Manchester & District                                3rd May 2003

 Midland Counties                                       11th May 2003

            Merseyside                                                7th June 2003

            Lakeland & District                                   21st June 2003

            West Riding Pet Cat Club                          5th July 2003

            Gwynedd                                                  19th July 2003


The Gwynedd is the final qualifying heat for the GRAND FINAL at


The North West Cat Club Show on 27th September 2003


For details of the 2003-2004 heats please click here-



For details of shows, who to write to for entry forms, updates etc please see Our Cats magazine, the GCCF website, contact us, see our newsletter or check out this page regularly.