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Northern Non-Pedigree Stakes 2003-2004

For other details of 2002/2003 see here.

Sponsored by:- Techni-cal, Smylee Pets, Millfield Rosettes, Our Cats, Bio-Catolet/Midas Products, Kalven, Alan Robinson, Cat World, Country Artists, North West Cat Club.


Following the first successful year of the competition the first heat of the 2003-2004 season kicks off at the Chester & North Wales Show on 9th August 2003. Heats will be held until the last qualifying heat  at the Gwynedd Cat Club Show on 17th July 2004. 

 Entry is open to all non-pedigree cats and kittens with unknown/unregistered parents and also, from this year,  cats and kittens with one known registered parent, or rescued cats and kittens of obviously pedigree type. Registered pedigree cats and kittens are not eligible. There are 4 Classes, the winners of which compete against each other to be the Overall Winner. Once a cat or kitten has become an Overall Winner at a show it may not compete again in that qualifying year. Failure to comply with these rules will result in disqualification.

The Classes are:-

Class 1 Black, white or black & white cat or kitten.

Class 2 Any tabby or tabby & white cat or kitten (except ginger).

Class 3 Any ginger, ginger & white, tortie or tortie & white cat or kitten.

Class 4 Any other colour cat or kitten.


PRIZES (For updates watch this space!)


All entrants — free sample of Techni-cal & James Wellbeloved

2nd & 3rd in each Class — rosette (Millfield) & goody bag (Smylee Pets)

Class winners (except Overall) — rosette (Millfield), 1kg Techni-cal, 25lt Bio-Catolet cat litter 

Overall Winner—Special rosette (Millfield), 3kg Techni-cal, Bio-Catolet credit card sized torch, free entry to Final


All entrants — free sample of Techni-cal & James Wellbeloved  & special small momento

2nd & 3rd in each Class — rosette (North West Cat Club) & goody bag (Smylee Pets)

Class winners (except Overall) — rosette (North West Cat Club), Techni-cal, 25lt Bio-Catolet cat litter,  Country Artists cat figurine

Overall Winner—Special rosette (Millfield), Techni-cal, Bio-Catolet cat litter, large Country Artists cat figurine, cat scratch & bed centre (Kalven), 6 months subscription to Our Cats, 12 month subscription to Cat World, free photo sitting incl. enlargement from Alan Robinson, trophy.


The following shows will be holding heats of the 2003-2004 NNPS


Chester & North Wales    9th August 2003  
Teeside      23rd August 2003
British Shorthair  6th September 2003
Northern Counties  13th September 2003
Yorkshire    25th October 2003  
Cheshire  8th November 2003
N Brit LH & SLH   13th December 2003
Transpennien Siamese & Oriental 13th December 2003
Cameo, Pewter & Smoke  10th January 2004
Colourpoint  10th January 2004
SRPCC  14th February 2004
Lancashire 6th March 2004
Preston & Blackpool  20th March 2004 
Northern Birman 3rd April 2004
Northern Siamese 10th April 2004
Black, Red Self, Tortie etc  (”3” Club)  17th April 2004 
Manchester & District  1st May 2004  
Midland Counties  9th May 2004
Durham 22nd May 2004
Merseyside 5th June 2004  
Lakeland & District  19th June 2004
Humberside 26thJune 2003
West Riding Pet Cat Club 3rd July 2004  
Lincoln 10th July 2004
Gwynedd  17th July 2004  



The Gwynedd is the final qualifying heat for the GRAND FINAL at


The North West Cat Club Show on 25th September 2004


For details of shows, who to write to for entry forms, updates etc please see Our Cats magazine, the GCCF website, contact us, see our newsletter or check out this page regularly.