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As a charity we do not "do" rescue, dealing as we do solely with the financing of stray cats at the vets following RTA's etc. This does mean, however, that from time to time a stray is brought in, treated, and then needs to be found a home. In theses instances we usually liase with one of the local cat rescues - they take the cat and rehome it, we pay the vet bills until it is rehomed. 

Other times we are, quite simply, asked to find a home for a cat who, for one reason or another, can no longer stay where they are.

One such cat is TILLY


Tilly.jpg (128948 bytes)

Please click on Tilly above for a larger picture.

A very special home is needed for Tilly.  

Tilly is a very quiet, sweet-natured little girl. She’s about 2.5yrs old and a black and white Manx. She came to member and Trustee, Joan Hobson, in April for re-homing with her son who was twice her size. She just cowered and shook for 48 hours and only seemed to calm down after her son escaped out of the bedroom window and ran away. He was very nervous in the house. 

Joan already has six cats and Tilly is very nervous of them although she’s OK with their dog, a Yorkshire terrier. She doesn’t seem to want to go out although Joan has the patio door open a lot. She stays in the living room all the time, even preferring to be fed in there. 

Joan feels that she will be happier living quietly either on her own or with maybe one other cat or small dog. She can be very affectionate although Joan doesn’t think she’s been used to much attention and handling, so would need a little patience and time spending on this (she loves to be brushed). 

We are sure she would make someone a good companion.

If you feel you can offer Tilly the kind of home she deserves please contact Joan directly on 0151 531 7041. As Joan is based in Merseyside a home is sought within the north west area.