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We are always in need of funds and so set out below a letter from the Club membership secretary in the hope that some of you may be able to help us.


“Would you like to be involved in aiding cats in a practical manner and with feedback as to how your money has been spent?


As a registered charity we have been active in the Preston area for several years. However, we have to be realistic and understand that we can’t do everything. Therefore, we are aiming to assist those cats that are strays and end up at a vet in the area. This may be because of a road traffic accident or because a member of the public has rescued the cat (and/or kittens) and taken them to the vets.


You know how expensive this can be and so every penny counts. Although we get good rates at the local vets, because of our charity status, a typical RTA (road traffic accident) can run into several hundred pounds. Just because the cat doesn’t have a loving owner shouldn’t mean that all we can do is pay for euthanasia – in the cases where we have the money to do this.


So, this is a request to send what you can to the welfare section of the South Ribble Pet Cat Club. Annual membership, including two news bulletins every year, is a mere £1, although donations are always gratefully received. Maybe you would like to donate more? Full club membership each year is £4.50 (single), £7 (joint) and £10.50 (family). For this you get additional information in the form of the newsletter. This is sent out twice a year and always contains show reports, but also poems and stories about rescued cats, articles by members etc. (Of course, you also get the added satisfaction of knowing how much YOU have helped.)


Many thanks,


Jo Evans, Membership Secretary”