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Meet the people who run the Charity

The Trustees of the SRPCC Cat Welfare Trust would like to introduce themselves to you. 

Rest assured that we are all working together to provide a successful Charity for local stray cats.

Pat_26-8-02_3.jpg (45663 bytes)

Hello, I知 Pat, your Chairman and Welfare Officer .

I enjoy spending time with my cats & my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, watching digital TV and listening to a wide range of music. I often judge Household Pets at shows.

I am also on the committee of the Gwynedd Cat Club.

Carol.jpg (28061 bytes)

Hi, I知 Carol, the Charity Treasurer.

I enjoy attending shows with several of my cats and producing things on the computer.

I am also on the committees of the Gwynedd and the Chester & North Wales Cat Clubs and I write the occasional show report for the GCCF publication, "Our Cats".

Hello, I知 Joan.

I am a MEGA Barry Manilow fan and I have 6 cats. I am also a non-pedigree judge.

Hi, I知 Vicky.

 I love cats and have 3. I am yet another household pet judge and steward. I too am on the Lancashire Cat Club committee.

Hi, I知 Chris. 

I am also a well known judge of Household Pets and am owned by one Siamese cat, a Bengal and a moggy.

I am also on the committees of the Lancashire and the Chester & North Wales Cat Clubs and am Show Manager for both.