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We would like, on this page, to introduce you to one or two of the South Ribble cats. Often these are as featured on our newsletter cover.


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By Christine Lomax

I first met Lucy who is a tabby and white semi - longhair when she was 6 months old in July 2002 following a call from the police in Penwortham about an eviction from a house round the corner from me in Penwortham This resulted in us (note from the ed. - Christine Lomax runs Lancashire Cat Rescue) taking in Tilly and her four six month old babies, the kittens were taken to the vets for spaying and neutering and mum was given the once over. 

Tilly, the mum was fine, but the kittens were very quiet, I put it down to the operations and coming into a strange environment. A couple of days later and not only were they not better but they were worse, I took them back to the vets and they were kept in and given fluids. I picked them up that teatime but the longhaired boy was really poorly in the evening and was rushed back to the surgery at 10pm that night. Sadly despite a very expensive blood transfusion (160) and the fact that Suanne the vet took him home with her on a drip and had him on the bed with her, he died a few hours later.  

This left one male who was fine and two longhaired tabby females who were not very well at all, the usual tests for Leukaemia and FIV came back negative and the vets were puzzled. Then we were devastated when one of the females died, the remaining kitten, we called her Pepsi, had a general blood profile done and she turned out to be in kidney failure and after a post-mortem it was found that this was what had caused her sisters death. As they had come from the home of known drug addicts we can only wonder whether they have been given or have helped themselves to something which has caused this. 

Not expecting Pepsi to reach adulthood I persuaded Brian (my husband) to accept Pepsi into our family despite the fact that this would take us over the agreed (?) maximum of five cats to six. 

Pepsi, had been getting stronger every day and was due another blood test at the end of September to see if her kidney function had improved. 

The result of the blood profile was that her kidney function had improved and hopefully it will continue to do so."Lucy" as we have now renamed her is now part of the "Lomax" family, she now behaves just like a "normal" kitten, completely mad and we love her to bits. Lucy is currently featured on the Lancashire Cat Rescue Website at;

At the recent Preston & Blackpool Cat Club Championship Show I entered Lucy in several categories with the result that at the end of the day she could hardly be seen for rosettes.


Awards Won at this show (Preston & Blackpool Cat Club Show 22nd March 2003 held at the Norbreck Castle Hotel, Blackpool).


1) (class 844) Overall winner of The Northern Non Pedigree Stakes (judged by Mrs Evans)


2) (class 813) 1st in her open class (judged by Mrs Stalker)


3) (class 826) 1st, Cat or kitten resident in Lancashire (judged by Mrs Evans)


4) (class 833) 1st, Cat or kitten with most expressive eyes. (judged by Mrs Stalker)


I think that you'll agree that this is an altogether remarkable and wonderful story, and hopefully Lucy will go on to live a long and happy life.


Best Wishes from Christine for Lancashire Cat Rescue