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 Show Achievements 2001

SRPCC Members’ Cats GCCF Show Achievements 2001

(BIS = Best in Show. BA = Best Adult. BK = Best Kitten. OW/WF= Overall Whiskas/Whiskas Finalist. DW/DF = Overall Dick Whittington/Dick Whittington Finalist.  BOG =Best of Group)



13/1/01 Cameo, Pewter & Smoke BA & OW Creaton & Walker’s Littleman Raffles
BK Jackson’s Tiger Rags
3/2/01 Shropshire BIS & OW Jackson’s Sunny delight
17/2/01 SRPCC BIS & BK Cunliffe's George
BA Eaton & Parry’s LB
BJ Higan's Kipling
10/3/01 Lancs BK Jackson’s Kissyfur
OW Leigh's Whisper Feathertail
17/3/01 Somali OW Creaton & Walker’s Bonnie Goldengirl
24/3/01 Preston & Blackpool BIS & BK Jackson’s Kissyfur
14/4/01 Northern Siamese BIS Thomas' Irish Rover
OW Leigh's Velvet Leigh
5/5/01 Manchester & District BIS Pearson's Champagne Charlie
20/5/01 Cornish Rex HP BSH & BIS Pearson's Timone
BLH Creaton & Walker’s Littleman Raffles
Exhibitors' Choice Pearson's Champagne Charlie
Durham BIS Eaton & Parry’s Charlie Chinrub
2/6/01 Merseyside OW Jackson’s Simba
16/6/01 Lakeland & District BIS Pearson's Timone
30/6/01 WRPCC Members Creaton & Walker’s Littleman Raffles
BK Jackson’s Gypsy
 Cat Match Bolland's William
7/7/01 Lincoln OW & DW Pearson's Champagne Charlie
21/7/01 Gwynedd BIS DW K. Savage’s Psepha Colourofmagic
BK Jackson’s Gypsy
OW Pearson's Timone
28/7/01 Progressive Ragdoll BLH & BIS Creaton & Walker’s Littleman Raffles
BSH Creaton & Walker’s Bonnie Goldengirl
11/8/01 Chester & N Wales BA & OW Eaton & Parry’s LB
BK Jackson’s Gypsy
25/8/01 Teeside BIS Moreland’s Toby The Tabby
OW Moreland’s Rosie Posie
2/9/01 British Shorthair BIS BK OW DW Pearson's Jasper
BA Pearson's Champagne Charlie
29/9/01 North West BIS Creaton & Walker’s Littleman Raffles
OW Evans' Bobbit
6/10/01 Tabby Cat BK Pearson's Jasper
6/10/01 Colourpoint BIS & OW Leigh's Velvet Leigh
20/10/01 Yorkshire BIS Pearson's Timone
OW Smith's Tabitha
DW Wallace's Anastasia
27/10/01 Caledonian BIS & OW Eaton & Parry’s LB
3/11/01 Blue Persian BIS & OW & DW Moreland’s Toby The Tabby
10/11/01 Cheshire OW Pearson's Timone
DW Jackson’s Kissyfur
24/11/01 Supreme OW Kidd's Kresta Alfred
Best LH Farrell's Natasha
Whiskas Finalist Creaton & Walker’s Littleman Raffles
8/12/01 National BK & DF Pearson's Jasper
15/12/01 N Britain LH/SLH BIS BA OW Creaton & Walker’s Aslan Of Narnia
DW Creaton & Walker’s Littleman Raffles
BK Jackson’s Pugwash
22/12/01 Burmese BIS DW Moreland’s Rosie Posie
TOTALS Supreme Best LH 19 BIS;    5 BA;    11 BK;    9 other 1 Whiskas Finalists;  19 OW

1 DF;  8 DW